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People say we are a psychedelic art rock group. A band of sorts. Who are we to say what we are? We love melodies, put them on catchy hooks and mix them up with blueberries and the sound of rain. The sounds of birds coming through the window, and the clickety clackety sounds of high heels. So where were we? Oh yes. Breakfast. Muffins with blueberries ... No wait ... We were talking about ourselves.  Since you're still reading, you probably want to know more.

As we were about to tell you: We are currently working on our debut album which will be released whenever we feel the time is right. But for now we'd like to tease you with our demos. Scroll down to find where you can follow us. Or come back here whenever you feel like it to check for updates. Maybe we'll have blueberries then.

0rwell's past shows:

Wednesday, may 13: Cavern Club back stage, Liverpool UK
Thursday, may 14: Cavern Club front stage, Liverpool UK

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Orwell’s music is dynamic, and draws on folk and prog influences as well as rock. Fans of artists from Pentangle to Led Zeppelin to Frank Zappa will want to check out their IPO showcase and be on the lookout for their soon to be released debut album!
David Bash - Founder International Pop Overthrow Music Festival